The Fighting Game Community reacts to the massive list of changes coming to Street Fighter 5’s Definitive Update

The Fighting Game community is on the verge of receiving what may be Street Fighter 5’s largest re-balancing update in the game’s six-year history, and we already know what’s going to be included thanks to the patch notes that dropped last night.

Now that the playerbase has had a chance to digest what the SF5’s Definitive Update has in store for everyone, there’s a wide range of reactions floating around from those happy seeing the buffs / nerfs incoming to others who believe a handful of the cast got away with murder.

The apparent trend of M. Bison continuing to receive improvements despite already being powerful continues with Mouz|Problem X obviously being all about it while others like PG|Punk are wondering how he keeps flying under the radar.

While there’s a lot of agreement that Alex seems much improved now, there’s much more debate if Luke is actually better of than he was at the end of Season 5 or if his changes do amount to overall nerfs to the newcomer that’s already proved himself to be quite strong already.

You can check out the full range of update reactions from a dozen or so SF5 pros and FGC heads including EQNX | Brian F,
Broly Legs,
Demon Dan14,
PG|Justin Wong,
Javits Arias.

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We also included a funny little clip from Tommy2Step showcasing how Urien mains are feeling after reading about his big nerfs.


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